These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Thandar Shwe -080050 သႏၱာေရႊ (ခ) မေပါက္

Title: Daughter of Senior General Than Shwe
(a.k.a) Khin Thandar Shwe
(a.k.a) Ma Pauk
State Peace and Development Council

In an acute display of lack of self respect, Thandar Shwe, daughter of Burmese military junta supremo Snr. Gen. Than Shwe, visited the Myanmar Furniture Fair, pleaded and took away furniture worth approximately USD 10,000 without payment, sources said.

She visited 'Myanmar Furniture Fair 2008' held at the Armed Forces Hall (Envoy Hall) in U Wisara Road, Rangoon on March 8.

She took away a truckload of woodcrafts and furniture in a 'CANTER' truck. Most of the stuff was from 'Golden Pollen Myanmar'.

"She took away all she wanted without making any payment. The furniture companies did not dare ask for payment from her because most of these companies are running on import-export licenses issued by Myanmar Timber Corporation," a source in the industry said.

A staff member from another company said they gave the furniture to her free of cost.

The biennial furniture fair was scheduled to be held from March 3 to 7 but was extended for another two days.

Thandar Shwe, daughter of Snr. Gen. Than Shwe and Kyaing Kyaing, was married in July 2006. In the videotape of the wedding ceremony, she was seen wearing a lot of diamonds. (tiara and choke)

The lavish wedding ceremony where USD 50 million was rumored to have been spent in one of the poorest countries in the world became infamous.

The physical possession of the video disc and video tape of the wedding ceremony carries a prison term and it was strictly banned in Burma.

Thandar Shwe, enjoyed life as Second Secretary at Burma’s Embassy in Beijing.

Her aborted recall to Rangoon in 2004 against her wishes and those of her dad is rumored to have been a factor precipitating former Foreign Minister Win Aung’s downfall.

By Maung Shin (translated by David Law)

According to follow-up news from military social circles, Bo Than Shwe’s daughter had been impregnated by a certain man called Ko Zaw, son of the late Secretary – 2, Gen. Tin Oo, who was assassinated in a bomb explosion at a military base.

The aforementioned Ko Zaw had already been legally married to the daughter of the former Mayor of Rangoon, Ko Lay, and he has a family of his own. The two had been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when they became entangled with each other, resulting in pregnancy.

When Bo Than Shwe found out that his daughter had been fornicating with a married man, his Royal Wrath was aroused and he ordered for a cargo truck to hit and kill the aforesaid Ko Zaw. Fortunately, although he was not killed, half of his body “died.” [translator’s note: became paralyzed.] Ko Zaw was treated at the Intensive Care Unit in Rangoon. While in hospital, Thandar Shwe, disguised, came at night to visit him.

Finally, she abandoned the aforesaid Ko Zaw following her father’s commands and married Major Zaw Pyo Win.

Major Zaw Pyo Win is a reliable subordinate of Bo Than Shwe. In addition, he is afraid to oppose Bo Than Shwe’s orders and hence he married Thandar Shwe, according to investigations.

(Author Maung Shin’s) Note: If you look at Major Zaw Pyo Win’s face from the start to the end of the wedding with Thandar Shwe, you will find no joy, contentment, affection, nor devotion.


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