These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
This enables them to consolidate their power, allowing them to accumulate and secure their personal wealth.
FREEDOM and JUSTICE for Burma is crucial therefore, YOUR COMMENTS to complete the information is highly appreciated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kyaing Kyaing - 080049 ႀကိဳင္ႀကိဳင္

Title: Wife of Than Shwe
State Peace and Development Council

It was Kyaing Kyaing who reportedly ordered troops to fire on the monks.

Than Shwe's doctor moonlights as the health minister and the nation's health is almost neglected.

The family has its own pet tycoon, a man named Te Za, with whom Than Shwe has exchanged a free run of the country's natural resources for all the cash he needs.

When the wind died down on Saturday afternoon (after the cyclone Nargis) and the first soldiers appeared on the streets of Rangoon, residents noted that they focused their efforts on the street where Kyaing Kyaing, the wife of junta leader Than Shwe, was staying.

Rumour has it that by Saturday evening a full electricity supply had been restored to her staying residence. By Tuesday night most of the city was still in blackness.

Kyaing Kyaing, who insists on staff addressing her as 'Queen' is in poor health.

Than Shwe let his wife Kying Kying to marry Lu Min, sold off all the government’s GOLD (SHWE) to declare there is no more Shwe, to ward off the end of SHWE (himself). Than Shwe and top three Junta, wearing Burmese Tha Mee (ladies skirts) donated and recorded at a pagoda as donated by Daw Than Shwe, Daw Khin Nyunt and Daw Aye because of the astrologer.

Than Shwe and Kyaing Kyaing were also known to have each ridden a pig and a dog to run around the Shwe Dagon Pagoda's concourse because their astrologer said they would have to run away like pigs and dogs.

Photo courtesy: AFP PHOTO - STR/AFP/Getty Images


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