These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
This enables them to consolidate their power, allowing them to accumulate and secure their personal wealth.
FREEDOM and JUSTICE for Burma is crucial therefore, YOUR COMMENTS to complete the information is highly appreciated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pyi Aung - 080102 ျပည္ေအာင္

Title: Major
Husband of Nandar Aye
Son-in-law of Maung Aye
Son of Aung Thaung, the corrupt Minister of the Industry (1).
State Peace and Development Council

Tycoons with an Influential Father
Irrawaddy / By Wai Moe
Being the child of a government official guarantees good fortune in military-ruled Burma. Nay Aung and Pyi Aung are the sons of the Minister for Industry 1, Aung Thaung, and in less than 20 years they have advanced to become well-to-do tycoons, controlling two companies with export-import monopolies in oil and gas products.

Their rise to fortune ran parallel to the political advance of their father, which began in 1997. Aung Thaung’s political career has an unsavory side to it, though—he is believed to have been behind the crackdown on the start of September’s demonstrations, including the Pakkoku monks’ protests.

Apart from his father, who is one of junta leader Than Shwe’s most loyal supporters, Pyi Aung has another important patron— the junta’s No. 2, Dep Snr-Gen Maung Aye, who’s his father-in-law.

The brothers, both in their forties, manage two companies: IGE Co Ltd, also known as IGE Pte Ltd, and Aung Yee Phyoe Co Ltd. The latter company has a monopoly in agriculture products and timber trading.

IGE is the bigger company, established in 1994 and registered in Singapore since 2001. Its Burma headquarters are on Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Rangoon, while its Singapore office has an expensive address on Shenton Way, an exclusive area of the city state. Nay Aung is a frequent visitor at the Singapore office.

Aung Thaung Dynasty

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