These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
This enables them to consolidate their power, allowing them to accumulate and secure their personal wealth.
FREEDOM and JUSTICE for Burma is crucial therefore, YOUR COMMENTS to complete the information is highly appreciated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Zay Zin Latt - 080067 ေဇဇင္လတ္

Title: Wife of Toe Naing Mann (General Shwe Mann's son)
DOB: 24.03.1981
Parents: Khin Shwe (Father)

Ma Zay Zin Latt, general manager of the Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel, was always fated to take over the work of her father, well-known businessman U Khin Shwe. But when she did, at the age of just eighteen, she found much of the staff less than enthusiastic about her rise to power.

“When I first managed the Mya Yeik Nyo Royal hotel, I was just a teenager and my staff was older than me, so they were not afraid of me,” she said.
“So I… started with staff I liked.”

Ma Zay Zin Latt was willing to take over the Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel on her own terms, but many young people would rather make it on their own. In the absence of enthusiastic successors, U Chit Oo will continue to serve his customers, and U Khin Sein will be pacing down the halls of his factory for years to come.

Khin Shwe, her father, president of Zaygabar and one of Myanmar's leading real estate moguls, first attracted international attention in 1997 when he hired a US public relations firm, Bain and Associates Inc, in what turned out to be a futile attempt to improve the junta's image and standing in Washington. Bain and Associates now appears to have washed its hands of Myanmar's junta. The firm's homepage (, perhaps for good reason, omits Zaygabar among its list of "clients with whom we've worked". In Yangon, Zaygabar owns industrial parks, a golf and country club frequented by army officers, a hotel and the city's tallest residential condominium.


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