These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
This enables them to consolidate their power, allowing them to accumulate and secure their personal wealth.
FREEDOM and JUSTICE for Burma is crucial therefore, YOUR COMMENTS to complete the information is highly appreciated.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Tun Naing Shwe - 080054 ထြန္းနိုင္ေရြွ (ခ) ထြန္းထြန္းနိုင္

Title: Son of Senior General Than Shwe
(a.k.a.) Tun Tun Naing
State Peace and Development Council

He has business but he is the poorest among all children of Than Shwe. But his properties are 12 mansions, J Donuts shops, My Milk restaurants, and many other import/export contracts. About 35% of these property belongs to him while the rest to Burmese-born Chinese. They are business partners.

His other businesses are Dim Sum foodshops, import from Thailand (Queen Orange Juice Concentrates), nightclubs (Dream Jelly J-J), Karaoke-attached Thai restaurants and many others. No only in Burma, he also has business in China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Moreover, Tun Naing Shwe does business with his former friend, Joseph Khin Maung Thein (son of Oo Aung Thein). They own J&J company together. Joseph manages Tun Naing Shwe's business in Thailand while his sister, Clara, manages those in China.

All these business are due to the power of his father, Than Shwe and are funded by the income exploited from Burma's natural resources.

There is no benefit to the civilians. The businesses are run on labor of the Burmese people. Therefore, we should turn our back on the business owned by Than Shwe's family, Tun Naing Shwe and their partners.

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph Khin Maung Thein well known as Joseph and Tun Naing ShweTun Naing Shwe is Than Shwe's son andKhin Maung Thein is the son of U Aung Thein

Joseph was born in Taikkyi, Burma. His wife is from Thailand

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph were classmates since High School, the time has passed by and they are still like brothers

Tun Naing Shwe and Joseph jointly own: J&J Company which is not in the sanctions list of sanctionU Shwe a jewel smuggler by trade

Hmu Pwel Ser Wayang Pyay means a broker (not even a lawyer) for legal cases either; civil or criminal

Their business in Burma are many:
J-Donuts is a chain of shops nationwide
Many Oriental House Restaurant and Dim Sum again a nationwide chain of restaurants
Queen Orange Juice Concentrates Imported From Thailand
Dream JellyJ-J Night Club
Many Thai Restaurant --Many Karaoke Lounges --Also owns businesses in China, Thailand, and Indonesia like the J&J in Bangkok --

Joseph manages their business in Thailand and Indonesia.Joseph's sister Carol and brother-in-law Richard manage the businesses in China.

Lun Thi, Energy Minister's son Zin Maung Lun and Zar Chi Ko (the Energy Minister's daughter-in-law) now live in Singapore and are moving out their properties from Burma.


သန္းေရွ ြရဲ ့ သားႀကီး ထြန္းႏို္င္ေရွ ြ။

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