These Generals continue to suppress, imprison and kill many millions of their own people.
This enables them to consolidate their power, allowing them to accumulate and secure their personal wealth.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Aung Zaw Ye Myint - 080080 ေအာင္ေဇာ္ရဲျမင့္

Title: Son of Lt-Gen Ye Myint,
State Peace and Development Council

AGE: 29 (as at 2008)
Business: Yetagun Construction Company (owner)

Son of top army general arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Married to Aye Mya Aung, daugher of Transport Minister, who owns Sunday Mart but now divorced ဆန္းေဒးမတ္ Sunday Mart ( ေအာင္ေဇာ္ရဲျမင့္ မိန္းမ ေအးျမသာ ပိုင္တယ္။ )

Mizzima News
05 June 2008 - The son of a top Burmese Army general was taken into custody on charges of drug trafficking.

Aung Zaw Ye Myint, son of Lt- Gen Ye Myint, the Chief of Bureau of Special Operation I was arrested last Saturday after a joint force of the military intelligence and police raided his office in Kyi Myin Dine township.

He is being suspected of selling drugs to Burma's movie celebrities, police sources said.

The accused owns the Yetagun Construction Company located in Yetagun Tower, at the corner of Pan Hlaing Street in Kyi Myin Dine Township.

Aung Zaw Ye Myint (29) s believed to have been detained by the Rangoon division military command.

An actress was also arrested for involvement in his drug trafficking ring but Mizzima is yet to identify her.

Film stars in Burma are known to use illicit drugs such as Ecstasy, Yaba or Yama and Heroin among others.

However, after revealing all about the drug case to the investigators, Aung Zaw Ye Myint, was reportedly sent to the Wettikan drug rehabilitation centre in Upper Burma, while Nawaratt was released. (Mizzima)

စစ္ဗိုလ္ခ်ဳပ္မ်ား၏ သားသမီးမ်ားႏွင့္ ၎တို႔၏ စီးပြားေရးလုပ္ငန္းမ်ား

၁။ ရဲတံခြန္ ေဆာက္လုပ္ေရး ။

လိပ္စာ- တာေမြၿမိဳ႕နယ္။ ယုဇနပလာဇာ ေနာက္။
ပိုင္ရွင္ ေအာင္ေဇာ္ရဲျမင့္က ဗိုလ္ခ်ဳပ္ ရဲျမင့္သား။ အသက္ - ၂၈ နွစ္ခန္ ့ ။ အရပ္- ၅ေပ ၇လက္မ ခန္ ့။ အိမ္ေထာင္ကြဲ ။ ၂၀၀၇ ခုနစ္မွာ မီးရထား၀န္ႀကီးရဲ့ သမီး ေအးျမသာနဲ႔ လက္ထပ္တယ္။ ေအာင္ေဇာ္ရဲျမင့္က မူးယစ္ေဆး၀ါးအလြန္အကၽြံ သံုးစြဲၿပီး ဆိုးသြမ္းလူငယ္တဦး ျဖစ္တယ္။ အခု လင္မယားကြဲေနတယ္။ မဂၤလာေဆာင္ျပီး ၅လ ေလာက္အတြင္းမွာ ကြဲသြားတယ္။လက္ဖြဲ႔ ေငြသိန္း ၁,၂၀၀ ေက်ာ္ေက်ာ္ ရတယ္။ လင္မယား ကြဲတဲ့အခါလက္ဖြဲ႔ေတြကို အမ်ိဳးသမီးက သိမ္းလိုက္တယ္။ စီးပြားေရးေလာကမွာ မေအးျမသာကလည္း ေငြရရင္ အကုန္လုပ္မယ္ ဆိုတဲ့ သူမ်ိဳး ျဖစ္ တယ္ ။ Sunday Mart စီးပြားေရးလုပ္ငန္းမွာ သူမက တစိတ္တပိုင္းပါေနတယ္။

Hi, Aung zaw ye myint wife name is Aye Mya Aung not Aye Mya thar, Her dad is minister Aung min and mom is Dr wai wai thar who is sister of minister U soe thar.

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